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Boys' Fashion Accessories Bracelets | K'NECT Long Distance Bracelets Set of 2,Friendship Bracelet.Keep in Connect with Those You Love.Couple Gift,Long Distance Relationship Gifts - B09R43L2V1

  • Stay connected: Always keep in touch with the people you love. Whether in the circle of love, family or friends, even if distance separates us, K'NECT can make us closer together.

  • Group relationship: K'NECT allows you to keep in touch with up to four individuals or groups. The 4 color (red, yellow, blue, green) buttons can be associated with 4 different people or groups without interfering with each other.

  • One-to-one relationship: Establish a private one-to-one relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend and pass on the love code that belongs to you. Different colors express different meanings, only you know each other, it is especially warm and romantic.

  • Send SOS SMS: When you need it, K'NECT is safe, reliable, and privately send SMS to your family/friend's mobile phone [content includes your current location and preset text information, supports US mobile numbers].

  • What you will receive: 2 K'NECT devices, 2 5V 2A micro-USB cables, 2 manuals, free apps (iOS and Android) [for connecting your K'NECT/creating your friendship]

  • What is the use of the K'NECT bracelet?