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Boys' Fashion Clothing Underwear | I&S Boy's Pack of 4 Tank Tops Soft Undershirts - B08SQC19H1

  • Sleeveless Soft Tank Tops Undershirts. Perfect for underneath the uniforms, sports clothing, & everyday basic wear undershirts

  • Materials: 100% Cotton

  • Sizes:0-3 Months old,3-6 Months old,6-9 Months old,1 Year old,2 Years old,3 Years old, 4 Years old,5 Years old,6 Years old,8 Years old,10 Years old,12 Years old,14 Years old, 15 Years old & 16 Years old.If size does not appear from the list,try the next size number up for better fitting

  • Recommended Easy Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Bleach, Hang to Dry, Do Not Iron

  • Pack of 4 Boys Undershirts, Each Pack comes in your choices: Whites, Ribbed Colors, Designs or Assorted Basic Colors, as shown in image.If there are more colors shown than the pack size, Colors will be selected at random & may be Duplicates or Excluded

  • Pack of 4 Boy's Undershirts Sleeveless Tank Tops are simple with a fitted shape and comfortable, soft 100% Cotton fabric. Colors: White, Ribbed, Assorted Designs Prints, or Assorted Basic Colors.